The Dead Island trailer struck an emotional chord with the industry with its grizzly depiction of a young girl inflicted with zombie rage attacking her own father.  The scenes were dramatically displayed in reversed chronology and the accompanying music was bone-chilling.  The trailer did its job getting people to talk about the game, but the question remained: will the gameplay take the zombie genre in a new direction and foster the same unsettling and somber vibe?  The answer is apparently . . . no.  Reports from GDC indicate that the gameplay is more of the typical fast-paced zombie slashing that we’re already accustomed to.  The melancholy music is replaced with heavy metal and the emotional impact is best described by one of the character’s own exclamations, “"Daaaamn, that bitch was huge!"  Despite the misleading trailer, the game looks like a blast, but if you were looking for the zombie game with a heart, I’m afraid you’re going to have to look elsewhere. [via IGN]