Shane Black is taking an interesting detour with one of Marvel's biggest movie franchises. Speaking on a panel at the Omaha Film Festival, fanboys wanted to know if there was any truth to the Iron Man 3 rumors swarming around the Internets. The Lethal Weapon helmsman confirmed to the audience that he's writing and directing Tony Stark's next adventure. Scheduled to meet with his Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang BFF, Robert Downey Jr., later this week, the duo plan on creating a story that features "self-contained single-character stories". 

The goal is to shift the focus back squarely on the billionaire industrialist and have him face "real world" villains and not just another guy in an iron suit. Black replacing Jon Favreau has elicited positive responses from comic book fans and Marvel clearly is happy with the way things are progressing. Downey, who will also be contributing to the story, has yet to comment on the matter. But will this finally mean we'll be seeing Iron Man versus The Mandarin in 3-D? Maybe not. At this point we'll settle for bringing Michelle Monaghan into the mix to play Madame Masque just to add some spice.

Stay tuned to Complex for a lot more exciting news as Iron Man builds up steam for a May 3, 2013 release.