Los Angeles may be known as the home of the French dip, but if you want your sandwiches packed like there’s no tomorrow, swing by Fat Sal’s in Westwood, where they pay homage to the New York hero. Nestled in crowded Westwood Village near UCLA, this joint is co-owned by Jerry Ferrara of Entourage fame, and took over from a longstanding sandwich stand known by Bruins as “Buck Fitty.” Unlike the dearly departed restaurant that sold sandwiches for $1.50, Fat Sal’s is famous for loading its bread with meats and toppings that will certainly spill out the moment you bite into it.

The standout sandwich at this joint is clearly the Fat Jerry, a hero with all the best items from the diner packed into what they call “extra wide” hero bread—all for only $7.95. It will surely fill you up faster than the breakfast combo at your local diner. How they pack it all in is beyond me. What’s in the sandwich? Only some of the greasiest ingredients known to man: cheesesteak, chicken fingers, crisp bacon, and fried eggs. The cheesesteak is the superior meat on this tasty maze as the meat still has its juice and flavor. On top of these meats are French fries, mozzarella sticks, mayo, ketchup, salt, and pepper. It’s hard to avoid the mayo and ketchup mixture that drenches the meats when you first grab the sandwich, but in the end, everything comes together in an oily yet creamy flavor. —Ed Carrasco (@edfcarrasco)

The Fat Jerry ($7.95)
Fat Sal's
972 Gayley Ave.
Los Angeles