Sources in the know (namely Latino Review) are saying that Edgar Ramirez (Golden Globe nominee for last year's epic gangster saga Carlos) is "being eyed" for a villain role in the highly-touted next Superman movie. Last week, director Zack Snyder (Sucker Punch) nixed reports that Viggo Mortensen is in line to play General Zod. What's also unclear is whether Ramirez is up for that role, another bad guy part, or if he;s even auditioned in the first place. Until then, we're just happy to hear the Ramirez's name being tossed around; he's the real deal. 

With buzz building for Clash of the Titans 2 (in which Ramirez will play Ares, the God of war), it seems like Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are putting a lot on their plates. The new Superman endeavor is slated for release in December 2012, based on a story by David S. Goyer (who also wrote the screenplay) and Christopher Nolan.