Kevin Smith’s first attempt at horror, Red State, hasn't had an easy road to completion. After several years of delays and non-existent financing, Smith finally finished his first laugh-free film and premiered it at this past January's Sundance Film Festival. There, he pulled an okie-doke on investors, ending an "auction" by buying the movie himself for $20 in order to show it across the country as part of a roadshow. Now peddling the film on his own merits, Smith has embarked on a nationwide expedition showcasing this political horror flick about three teenage boys getting entangled in spooky redneck fuckery after they respond to an ad to have sex with a cougar (recent Academy Award winner Melissa Leo). What they don't know, however, is that she's part of an extremist congregation headed by Quentin Tarantino favorite Michael Parks (whose character is loosely based on controversial baptist pastor Fred Phelps). Based on this official first trailer, spotted over at Bloody Disgusting, Red State looks like a gritty and hyper-violent little shocker. We can't wait. Although it won’t officially spread into theaters until October 19, be on the lookout when Smith drops by your town.