5. MAN BITES DOG (1992)

Director: Remy Belvaux and Andre Bonzel
James Gunn says: It’s almost hard to imagine that Man Bites Dog is a comedy. [Laughs.] But it is really funny at times.

It’s about this reality TV crew following a serial killer who kills people in front of them while they try to stay objective. There’s a moment in which the crew following the one serial killer run into the crew following the other serial killer and they end up killing them, the crew becoming involved in the murder and rape—that’s really one of the darkest moments in cinema history, and also strangely one of the funniest. [Laughs.]

It’s shot in that documentary style and there’s a scene where they’re interviewing the serial killer’s parents grandmother, who he lives with. What many people don’t know is that those are his actual parents and grandmother, and they thought they were being interviewed for a documentary about their actual son! That’s the craziest thing in the world! That’s why they’re so dry, and they talk about, “Oh, he’s a little crazy.” It’s because they’re really talking about their son and they had no idea that they were shooting this movie about him killing people. It’s total genius.

I saw that movie in New York City when it came out, and it’s a movie that people remember. Not too many people have seen it, but those who have will always remember it.