4. IN THE LOOP (2009)

Director: Armando Iannucci
James Gunn says: This is a political dark comedy with James Gandolfini. It’s a British film, very fast moving and full of fast talking that’s very dirty and filthy. It has the chick from My Girl in it—Anna Chlumsky. She’s great! I couldn’t believe how good that girl was! I can’t believe she’s not working more; I thought she was fucking great in that movie.

In The Loop was a little gem. That was a movie I saw right before the end of the year, because I started hearing tons of good things about, and I do like my “favorites of the year” list every year. I had started hearing that it was good, but it didn’t appeal to me at first. But then I saw it and thought it was just a blast throughout, and it ended up being my favorite movie of that year, actually.