With rumors currently circulating that Michael Clarke Duncan will lend his voice for the mountainous poozer pounder Kilowog in the upcoming Green Lantern film, it has been confirmed that Tony and Emmy award winning actor Geoffrey Rush will be the voice behind Tomar-Re, according to Hero Complex.

Tomar-Re is one of the most intellectual members of the Green Lantern Corps and strives to use his scientific knowledge and even temper to avoid combat and fix situations peacefully. Thankfully that strategy often fails and he is usually forced to throw some haymakers. His friendship with Hal Jordan is strengthened by the fact that he patrols the sector of space right next to him and often tries to help the rookie out.

Rush is best known for his work in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise as Captain Barbossa and his roles in Shine, Shakespeare in Love and his recent Academy Award nominated performance in The King’s Speech.