As summer steadily approaches, comic books heads are waiting with trepidation for  Warner release a proper Green Lantern trailer. So far, the project has suffered from a maligned marketing campaign, due to shoddy CGI effects and a corny-looking trailer.

Even stranger, there are still roles left to be cast. One potential role that seems to need a name attached is that of hard-nosed Bolovax Vik genetic scientist, Green Lantern Kilowog, rumored to be voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile, Sin City). Latino Review reports that the muscle-bound actor is being sought for the part, emphasizing that the deal isn't finalized yet. Their report ties in not only with the news about Green Lantern's slow-gestating effects, but some low-level claims that the voice cast for the film's various aliens aren't locked in completely. Does this mean that the film is in serious trouble?

Not necessarily, but skepticism is afoot. Green Lantern shines its bright light in theaters on June 17 in 3D.