Last Notable Release: Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner (PS2, 2003)

Complex Says: Jehuty. Dingo Egret. Orbital Frames. If you're sporting a grin on your face, you're no doubt a fan of Zone of the Enders. Hideo Kojima's mecha based game was the definition of a japanese anime in playable form. Both entries in the series were standouts in the PlayStation 2 game library, and a huge following eventually grew for the games. We'd like to jump back into our Jehuty, take flight, and blast some more robo baddies out of the sky for the unnannounced sequel.

Will It Be Announced?: Nay. Hideo Kojima and the crew at Konami are giving us another iteration in the Metal Gear Solid series, entitled Rising. We all know how long those games take to get made, so any side projects pertaining to another ZoE is out of the question...for now.