Last Notable Release: Sonic 4: Episode 1 (PS3/360, 2010)

Complex Says: Trust us when we tell you we're ready for the next episode. The first installment of Sonic 4 was an enjoyable old school romp that featured our blue hedgehog compadre going back to 2D roots. We can't fault Sega for playing it safe with that one, since the series has been tarnished by most of the releases before it. Now Sonic's gotta venture out of his comfort zone and introduce us to new levels with new design and even crazier loop de loop moments. Gotta go fast, yo!

Will It Be Announced?: The blue bomber beat the Eggman once again, but for those who copped all the Chaos Emeralds before the big fight in Episode 1, an ending cutscene popped up depicting a familiar villain. Episode 2 is already in development, so expect to hear some tidbits about it real soon. It might be too early to unveil some footage, but we'll keep our finger crossed and our bubble shield glowing. But please, Sega, no Big The Cat. 

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