At the PaleyFest earlier this month, Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler revealed that her dream guest casting for the critically acclaimed series would be Bill Murray as town mayor. Seems that Poehler was pretty serious about this -- or at least serious enough to basically get on her knees to beg Murray to come on the show.

"I feel like Bill Murray doesn't have a phone or a phone number. I think I heard that he doesn't have any people who work for him," Poehler told Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. "Bill Murray, if you're listening, I will pay you $250 to do one episode of my show." Certainly a steep comedown from the rate that Murray probably can get himself for television work, but it would be just the type of thing you could imagine the reclusive star doing. After all, Parks and Recreation is quite funny, and seem well within Murray's comedic sensibility. Of course, he probably hasn't even heard of the show -- or possibly even Poehler -- so we won't hold our breath.