Location: Gator Bowl Boulevard, Jacksonville, Fla.
Opened: 1928
Demolished: 1994
Current Status: Replaced by EverBank Field
Nickname: n/a
Famed Tenants: Jacksonville Tea Men (NASL) 1981-82; Jacksonville Bulls (USFL) 1984-85; The Gator Bowl (event)

Inspired Copycats Architectural Marvel

A historic stadium that grew along with the state's booming population and kicked off a long love affair with football in Florida, the Gator Bowl hosted the postseason college game of the same name, as well as numerous massive ("World's Largest!") outdoor cocktail parties (a.k.a. the Florida-Georgia game). The Beatles refused to play a segregated concert there in 1964; the powers that be relented, and the Fab Four played to a desegregated audience.