Here at the 'Plex we're really only good at two things: taking over the Internet and kicking ass. And by "kicking ass," we mean "pressing down/right/X really really fast" (yeah, that's a hadouken). We've been fans of the fighting genre since we were wee laddies dropping quarters—yes, single quarters—down at the arcade. We've probably wasted more change playing video games then you've spent on laundry. With Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 dropping, a 3D Street Fighter and new Mortal Kombat on the way, and everyone excited over the upcoming Capcom Vs. Tekken games, we were convinced it was time to give you our two cents on the pugilistic arts. So read up on the 50 best titles in the genre; we're off to go bully some noobs at Dave & Busters. FIGHT!

By Andrew Rivera