If blasting the undead and bringing back the world from the brink of disaster is your thing, then the latest news from zombie loving developers Undead Labs should get you geeked up. Undead Labs and Microsoft have partnered to develop a new zombie survival franchise that starts with an action title code-named Class3. Gamers find themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse; human civilization is a wrap and there are only a few survivors left (sounds like Zombieland right?). In the quest to rebuild civilization, players have a direct impact on the open world, as all of their actions determine what happens to both the environment and the imposing zombie threat.

“Our mission is to create original online games that truly feel at home on the console platform, and Xbox 360 is a fantastic platform for online console gaming” says Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain. "We plan to create an ambitious open-world XBLA game and use its gameplay, setting, and technology as the foundation for a full online world game." See, Class3 is just the prelude, setting gamers up for the MMO—sorry, "online world"—Class4. Is there a date for either of these games? Nope. But you may want to start stockpiling some ammo just in case.