Batman and Robin #20

What it’s about:Batman and RobinBatman R.I.P.
What to expect this month: Green Lantern CorpsBlack Knight, White KnightDetective ComicsBatman and Robin

Cinderella: Fables Are Forever #1

What it’s about:FablesFablesCinderella: Fables are ForeverFables
What to expect this month:Fables

New Avengers #9

What it’s about:New AvengersNew AvengersAvengers
What to expect this month: InfinityNew Avengers

Wolverine #5.1

What it’s about:WolverinePunisher MaxScalped
What to expect this month:

Suicide Squad Volume 1: Trial By Fire (Collects Suicide Squad #1-8 and Secret Origins #14)

What it’s about: Suicide SquadSuicide SquadWatchmen Dark Knight ReturnsSwamp ThingSuicide Squad