1. She keeps mutilated men tied up in bags.

Learned from: Audition (1999)

Complex says: Picture this scenario: After you’ve spent $50 on Patron shots, a pretty-young-thing invites you back to her apartment. Ready to lay the pipe, you step foot into her living room, cheese grin intact, only to discover a large burlap sack. Then the sack starts convulsing, and a dude crawls out with no feet, and Ms. Psycho Chick feeds him from a dog bowl. Like the poor guy in Takashi Miike’s vicious sneak attack Audition, we’d be horrified, though we’d haul ass out of there like we stole something. The strongest pair of tequila-goggles imaginable couldn’t make us overlook such grotesquery; we like our feet too much.

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