Ever since the iPad launched, old-media publishers have been projecting their hopes and dreams on to the thing like a blank slate the size of a barn wall. Apple, for its part, has so far signaled a limited willingness to play ball. With The Daily, though, Cupertino is being more cooperative—even tying the app to the rollout of its new "push" subscriptions feature. Users who download the app will be charged 99 cents a week via their iTunes account for a subscription, and automatically receive new content to their tablet every morning. This subscription model is expected to be put to use by other publishers and app developers very shortly thereafter.

To announce the new features, Apple is even sending an emissary to The Daily's swanky New York launch at the Guggenheim on Wednesday. VP of Internet Services (and overlord of the iTunes store) Eddy Cue will appear alongside Rupert Murdoch at the unveiling. Steve Jobs was originally planned for the occasion, but he has since gone on medical leave.