px5Gaming audio amphibians Turtle Beach has announced a new line of headsets for the high-def console gamer in your life...who is probably you. The flagship of the line, the wireless Ear Force PX5, retails for $249.95, which vaults it over the Tritton AX to land just behind Astro's A40/MixAmp wireless bundle in the race to holy-shit spendiness. And sure, it may sound like an investment, but listen to what this thing can do: In addition to standard features like noise cancellation and 7.1 surround sound, the PX5 allows you to stream music from a Bluetooth device directly to your headset, which means you can replace the crappy music of your favorite game with a soundtrack of your own. You can also customize it to emphasize certain game sounds to give you a competitive edge. Want to hear footsteps sneaking up on you more clearly? No problem! It's like a Ninja Pro button, freeing up your Perk 3 for Hacker (which we don't leave home without). And if that's not enough, the PX5 also dynamically boosts chat volume as the game sound gets louder, alerts you with voice prompts when the batteries are low, and even allows you to answer mobile phone calls without interrupting your game. The only things missing are the IV tube and colostomy bag so you never have to leave your parents' couch again.

By Richie Procopio