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It's made by Lamborghini. In a continuation of one of the less obvious tech collabos in recent memory, the legendary Italian super car maker has again lent its signature style and design to the hardware firm Asus. And in an era when Polaroid and Intel are getting down with Lady Gaga and Will.I.Am, why not?

This time the two companies are sexing up the portable hard drive market, expanding on their notebook line from 2009. The new external HDD comes in black and white variations and can hold up to 750 GB, which, while nothing to shake a thumb drive at, is still short of the 1 TB we would like to have seen. But it is USB 3.0 compatible and, appropriately for a collaboration with Lamborghini, ought to enable data transfer at whip-lash inducing speeds.

As for the styling? Two words: Da-amn. While obviously not as effective in "the wild" as a $300k super whip, in a tech nerd's utopia where sexy harddrives attract sexy girls, this thing would be the ultimate wing man.

Of course, as with all good things, it'll come at a price. Asus hasn't yet said what they'll be charging for ultimate data storage supremacy, but you should probably say goodbye to your budget now.