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No matter how careful you are with your handheld, there's going to come a time when you misplace your phone. It's happened to all of us. It slips out of your pocket while in a cab; you leave it on the bar as the girl you were hoping to go home with decides she's ready to bounce; or you can simply forget where you left it in your home or office. Apple has MobileMe, and there are a bunch of different apps available for Android that allow you to do the same. But Seek Droid, a new, cheap location app for Android phones is the best we've come across.

Using Seek Droid you can locate your phone, remotely lock it, and wipe it so whoever finds it can't use it. And if someone does find your phone and somehow gets past the lock pattern, you can hide the app from the app folder so they can't turn it off. The app uses Google Maps to pinpoint exactly where your device is, so if you think you lost it at a club and it's really in a cabinet in your kitchen, you'll know. You can even see who's been calling you since you've lost your phone. Simply put: If you have an Android phone, you should have Seek Droid. Simple.

Click here to Buy It Now at Seek Droid, $0.99


via Life Hacker