Yes, we realize that paying $9.75 for a sandwich is an affront to basic human decency, but who cares?! We work in media, so a) we don't have even a passing acquaintance with basic human decency, and b) we've got expense accounts that would make Wall Street CEOs blush. OK, so only one of those is true, but that doesn't mean we won't spend a week's month's paycheck on a panini now and again. And when we do, the grilled chicken breast sandwich at 'wichcraft is just the kind of decadence squished between a couple pieces of toast that we go for.

Read on for our review of the Sandwich of the Week...

Here's the scary thing about a $10 sandwich: It's not rocket science. You can buy the same (or better) free-range, hormone-free, conflict-free, non-sweatshop chicken 'wichcraft uses. Same goes for the bread, green olive tapenade, fontina, mushrooms, and onions. You can probably find a half dozen better panini presses. And, after five or 20 tries, you can probably whip up something that's pretty similar.

But by that point you've spent upwards of a hundred bucks, set off the fire alarm in your building, and endured the "I'm using store bought tapenade" walk of shame at your local gourmet larder (or worse, made that shit yourself). So, surrender. Gooey cheese augmented by an olive and onion kick; chicken and mushrooms tasty and hearty enough to make you wonder why that coupling doesn't have its own category on the food pyramid; bread toasted as if Zeus had charred it with his lightning bolt. They're pros, they've made it a million times, and it shows. Go ahead, drop a dime on it. After all, you can always skimp elsewhere—who needs to do laundry when you've got a bottle of Febreze under your sink?

Chicken Breast sandwich, $9.75
Various locations in New York, San Francisco, and Las Vegas