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When Community star, part-time rapper and stand-up comedian Donald Glover says that he's trying out new stand-up material, it's probably best not to judge him on it. Unless you want to be called a "dick."

Glover took to Twitter on Sunday night to blast Huffington Post writer Danny Groner for a piece he wrote about making stand-up comedy sausage. "HuffPo writer, I do 15 min at a FREE show, on a MONDAY nite, & clearly state beforehand Im trying BRAND NEW material and u judge me on it?" Glover wrote. "I even had a joke about how judging me on this material would be 'like eating raw dough & being mad it didn't taste like pie.' Ugh. Gargle dick sweat."

Groner saw Glover perform at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in New York last Monday night as part of the weekly comedy show, "Whiplash." Apparently he wasn't that impressed. "Glover was the final comedian at the end of a long night at the show at Upright Citizens Brigade, highlighted by the always-hilarious Hannibal Buress. While some of Glover's jokes worked, I noticed how uncomfortable he seemed to be in front of the crowd. That comfort definitely comes with time, and Glover has invested his comedic talents and acumen more toward writing and acting in recent years. Glover's short set ended a bit abruptly without a final, uproarious note; instead he just told the audience 'that's my time,' before walking off the stage. I have no doubt that as Glover performs his material more, he'll figure out where to focus his editing."

After Glover's rant—and a kind tweet from John Hodgman of The Daily Show fame, which called him one of the "funniest" and "thoughtfulest" comedians out there—order appeared to be restored. "I'm sorry guys," Glover wrote. "I'm just really messed up about this whole Charlie Sheen going back to rehab thing." Aren't we all, Donald. Aren't we all.