Someone with who clearly doesn't have quite enough time on his hands has recreated most of the Street Fighter cast in Smackdown vs. Raw 2011. The character models look accurate and all, but until we can Yogi-flame The Miz's hair into an inferno of pain, we're gonna hold off. [YouTube]

Rock Band developer Harmonix has been sold to investment firm Columbus Nova for millions! Wait, no, it was actually sold for $49.99. Because nothing says "time to look for a new job" like your company being sold for less than the cost of one of your pseudo-instruments. [Game Informer]

Breaking news for the three people out there who bought an iPad for their hardcore gaming needs: A company called Fling has invented a portable suction-cup joystick that slaps onto the screen. Thank you, aftermarket industry, for allowing us to permanently screw up our $600 device for the low cost of $25! [Kotaku]

Not to be outdone by every other gaming site producing top ten lists, 1UP.com has revealed their picks for most anticipated games of 2011.  Another year without a Leisure Suit Larry sequel? SIERRAAAAAAAAAAA! *shakes fist* [1UP]

Asus is collaborating with Kinect hardware makers to create a device that allows you to control your PC wirelessly from your television using only your body: "Using the system, Asus promises users will be able to browse PC multimedia, internet and gaming content from the comfort of their living room using nothing but their body movement." And in totally unrelated news, the porn industry has spontaneously combusted. [Gamasutra]

By Richie Procopio