Casablanca, one of cinema’s all-time great works, is perhaps the least obvious of propaganda films. On the surface, it’s a superlative chick flick, a high-stakes romance set against a World War II backdrop. Behind the scenes, though, the film was backed by the Department of War, in hopes of selling viewers on America’s involvement in the war. At the time, the popular consensus amongst Americans was to stay out of the action, yet movies such as Casablanca showed sympathetic characters (like star Humphrey Bogart’s) choosing the fight against fascism over self-motivated wants (i.e., love). Historians also point to the film’s title, named after the Moroccan city in which the story takes place; in English, it translates to “White House.” Still think it’s a chick flick? Katherine Heigl and Jennifer Aniston combined couldn’t be so clever.