TV: Henry Rollins vs. East Village hipsters. We know how this one ends, and it's chock full of awesome. [Warming Glow]

Movies: Johnny Depp's teaming up with Tim Burton again, this time on a remake of the goth TV soap opera Dark Shadows. Will it be an Edward Scissorhands classic or a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory turd? Only time will tell... [The Hollywood Reporter]

Comics: Cookie Monster looks like a chocolate chip junkie in these deliciously twisted takes on various icons from the artist Rhys Cooper. [Comics Alliance]

TV: Obnoxious liberal blowhard Keith Olbermann's gone and gotten himself suspended without pay from NBC for donating to Democratic candidates in the recent election. Does that mean he gets taken off Sunday Night Football, too? Pleasepleaseplease? [Huffington Post]

Politics: Promoting his memoir out this Tuesday, former president George W. Bush says he wouldn't have been elected had he not quit drinking. #nofuckingduhdipshit [Talking Points Memo]