frankwestThe Dead Rising 2 DLC is almost here. FInally, you get to use a dildo to vanquish the undead! Wait a second, what? Did Capcom farm this out to Howard Stern? [Kotaku]

At long last, Star Wars iPhone game Falcon Gunner—which lets you space-dogfight with a background of wherever you actually are—is out. Next time we're in a long line, we're totally gonna drop our payload in the hair of the woman in front of us. Oh, wait, never mind. That sounds illegal. [Tech Crunch]

Fresh off our unqualified slobjob of LEGO Star Wars III yesterday, TT Games has announced that they're bricking up Harry Potter for May 2011. Easy, fellas, we've got plenty of juvenile tendencies to go around. [Joystiq]

Damn it, Super Mario Crossover, stop being so fucking awesome. [Game Informer]

Next March's Crysis 2 has new screens and videos from its multiplayer beta. But can it run Crysis? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OH GOD JUST KILL US NOW. [Gaming Bolt]