jordanIf you haven't yet bought NBA 2K11 for the PS3, you may want to hold off: the game's 3-D version is hitting Best Buy in November 16. Now, when the AI dunks on you, you'll have to duck to avoid getting its balls in your face. Uh, video game heaven! [Operation Sports]

In yet another instance of Blizzard being a surprisingly awesome developer, they've added a character to World of Warcraft based on a fan who skewered them at last year's BlizzCon with a hilariously specific continuity question. We're also in there as "Lothraniel Blogwhomakesfunofwarcraftfans" [Game Life]

Oh, Gran Turismo 5, WTF is going on with you? Is there really a chance you won't come out until 2011? [Joystiq]

A StarCraft II player has apparently come up with the StarCraft equivalent of splitting the atom. To us, though, it just sounds like "Zerg Blerg Yergjerg." [The Escapist]

Namco Bandai is laying off 90 U.S. staffers and moving multiple projects back to Japan. Is this because we made of fun of Heihachi's mustache? [GamaSutra]