In Due Date, the Zach Galifianakis comedy hitting theaters this Friday, he plays, not surprisingly, a chubby, slightly effeminate, delusional fuck-up with no friends (other than his dog). It's not surprising because that's essentially the same character he's played in every project since The Hangover (see also: Bored to Death, Dinner For Schmucks), only this time said fuck-up isn't date-rape drugging dudes during a Vegas bachelor's party, helping his hipster friend solve mysteries in Brooklyn, or claiming he has the power of mind control. No, this time he's annoying the hell out of an expectant father (Robert Downey Jr.), who he's gotten kicked off a flight then picked up for a wild cross-country road trip that he promises will deliver him to L.A. in time for the birth. Look, we get it: Playing the same type in different comedic scenarios sells. For us, though, the schtick has worn thin, so Complex is pitching five unexpected Zach Galifianakis movies that would break him out of his increasingly stale comic persona. Keep reading to see how we would stretch him as an actor. Pause.