Client 9_Wake

Eliot Spitzer wasn't the only government official who got down with OPP. Shit, even Billy Clinton got dome from a Rosie O'Donnell-look-alike in the Oval Office. But, for better or worse, Spitzer's political career was destroyed in the blink of an eye. It made a ho' from Jersey turned into a socialite---who, in fact, only slept with Spitzer once---and Wall Street scumbags to wild out like it was 1999. This documentary, put together by the Oscar-winning-director Alex Gibney, interviews everyone from Spitzer himself, his enemies, the real escort (not Ashlee Dupree) preferred by the ex-governor, and many other figures that either shaped, or destroyed the White Knight. So, why should you watch this? 'Cause it's worth finding out the truth behind a man's fall from grace. He went from possibly becoming the first Jewish president, to a national punching bag, who's now looking forward to a talk show host position on CNN (Parker Spitzer starts tonight). Check out the film this upcoming November 5th, and don't ever go see a bitch, word.

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