Along with the improved graphics comes an improved weather system. We all know how weather can change the entire outcome of a race—just look at this year's Australian Grand Prix. Codemasters claims that F1 2010 has the most advanced weather simulation engine out of any racing game available today. And it shows. Weather plays a pivotal role in the game; before each race you have to consult your weather radar to see how you should manage your strategy. Depending on how hard it's raining, your car will, of course, behave differently. You can stay within the "dry lines" left by other cars, or take a chance and find your line. We don't recommend that. Don't plan properly and you won't ever make it to the winners circle... or even across the finish line. It may seem like overkill for most players, but for true F1 heads, it's the kind of realism we've been waiting for.