It's best we start with the part of the game that saw the greatest improvement. Comparing the graphics from F1 2009 to F1 2010 is like comparing Lil Wayne circa Tha Block is Hot to Lil Wayne on No Ceilings. You would think two different companies made the games. This time around everything is sharper, clearer, and, well, prettier. You can see all the detail in the cars' liveries, and on the drivers' helmets. The environments are richer as well, allowing you to see the difference in curbing as you fly around a turn. The Singapore night track is just beautiful, as is Monza. The tracks look almost photo-realistic. Granted, we've only played the game on Xbox 360, so we're unsure of how it looks on the Wii, but trust us when we say you'd be doing yourself a disservice not playing it on a high-def platform. It looks as good as any simulator. And that's the highest compliment we can give.