Stand-up comedian Greg Giraldo died yesterday at the age of 44 after an accidental overdose of prescription pills last weekend. Giraldo wasn't the most popular or famous comedian around, but he was easily one of the most watchable. As a frequent guest on various talk shows and Comedy Central roasts, Giraldo became known as the dude that would say anything—anything—about anybody, with predictably squirm-worthy (and usually hilarious) results. We've dug up five of his most explosive clips, from a good-natured roasting of Joan Rivers to a quick-witted takedown of comic bully Denis Leary, to remember a funny guy who was brave and crazy enough to say all the really weird, mean shit that came into his head. R.I.P.

Roasting Joan Rivers
• Racist? Yup. Homophobic? Sure. Sexist? Does a bear get shit on by his nagging bear-wife in the woods (that is to say, yes)? Also, very funny.

"White.Black" from Stand Up Nation
• A lot of white comedians try to play the "I'm down" card, Giraldo mined it for laughs by showing how much he wasn't down.

Taking out Denis Leary on Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn
• We actually kinda like Leary, but in this clip, Giraldo makes him look like an idiot, and worse, an unfunny one.

At a gay convention on The Greg Giraldo Show
• Jay Leno's show airs every night; Greg Giraldo's pilot didn't get picked up. To paraphrase Bob Barker: "Help control stupidity American, have your Midwestern relatives spayed and neutered."

Roasting Gary Dell'Abate onThe Howard Stern Show
• No video, but classic Giraldo all the same. Yup, that's a joke about Howard not attending his producer's father's funeral at 3:30.


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