obamaLooks like if you win a ring in NBA 2K11's Association mode, you get to go to the White House. And guess who's there? No, not Christine O'Donnell! [Operation Sports]

Some kind-hearted humanitarians went to Tokyo Game Show armed with a camera. And either they have impeccable taste, or cosplay really is 90% cute girls. [GameLife]

Soooooo, Michael Jackson is getting an MMO. We predict the following character classes: Chimp, Little Boy, Estranged Sibling. [The Escapist]

Looks like Mafia II is up for a world record for most swearing in a video game. Which is fucking great, if you ask us. Ooh, and there's a video! [Joystiq]

We've seen the new Playstation Move do some amazing things, but apparently flying downhill on a chair isn't one of them. Ouch. [The Koalition]


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