If you still think all superhero types are sporting nothing but spandex, then we're really sorry that the bomb shelter/coma/massive rock/grand-piano-sized-anvil you've been trapped in/under took you out of commission for the last 40 years. Because, dude, you lost out on some of the sickest sartorial moments in sequential art history ever.

And to celebrate what is shaping up to be an EPIC summer for comic-book movie adaptations, Complex brings you "The 50 Best Costumes in Comics." We're not making distinctions between "Comics" and "Graphic Novels" because that shit is toy and real fucking Niles Crane, but we are mentioning good guys, bad guys, and ruthless mercenaries with no moral barometer. And though we're not including the ladies (because that's another glorious gallery altogether), we are throwing in mutants, mortals, Marvel, DC, indies, imprints, and a manga dude. But you know that manga dude was on some quota shit. Just kidding! (Not really!) The methodology is peerless, so don't hate. Like, you're welcome to, but you're also wrong.


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