She's sold over 13 million records, pushed 51 million singles around the globe, and now Lady Gaga has attracted more followers than anybody on Twitter. With 5,777,492 followers, Akon's leading lady today leapfrogged Britney Spears as the most popular person on Twitter. Time for Diddy to step his game up. LET'S GO!! [Tech Crunch]

The chip in the new, slimmer Xbox 360 is iller than we all thought. [GamesBeat]

Dell steps back into the smartphone arena with its AT&T-backed Aero. Too bad its OS is a year old. [PC World]

Fifteen years ago today, Microsoft released the one operating system that everybody used. Relive the star-studded introduction. [Business Insider]

Apple's online educational program, iTunes U, nets its 300-millionth download. [All Things D]

The Cupertino company also registered a trademark for touchscreen desktop and laptop computers. Welcome to 2005. [Techland]

Samsung prepares to drop its Galaxy tablet. Maybe we should start a Tablet Alert! column... [Engadget]