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It's 4 AM in downtown Brooklyn, and you've got a hankering for a hearty snack. You'll be lucky to find a dusty bag of plantain chips at your corner bodega. While Manhattan has a plethora of reliable 24-hour markets to choose from (whatup, Jubilee!), Brooklynites are generally assed out after 11, when most traditional grocery stores close. Ah, but look closer, and you might stumble upon Mun's Gourmet, a trusted destination for Complex's Deputy Editor Brendan Frederick (@bfred). This 24-hour Cobble Hill grocery store looks like an unassuming bodega, but there's so much more hidden inside its faded green awning. Read on for more info on this undercover oasis...

It might look like your average hole-in-the-wall corner store, but step inside Mun's Gourmet and you'll immediately be struck by the vast selection packed into the tiny space. Whether you're looking to feed your late night munchies, or find that missing ingredient for a last-minute dinner party, this Korean-owned paradise has you covered.


• A surprisingly stocked dairy section. Need five different brands of cage-free eggs to choose from? How about brie, gouda, goat, and an assortment of international cheeses? Soy milk, Lactaid, Almond milk, and yeah, regular cow milk too. They might have a barn in the basement.
• A diverse candy selection, including hard-to-find British and European imports, alongside every flavor of Asian gummi under the (rising) sun.
• A frozen food section tucked in the back, featuring a healthy array of vegetarian and organic options, including chana masala and good ol' Amy's burritos.
• A big pile of firewood and charcoal out front. Many a 4th of July BBQ has been saved by Mun's, after the other stores all run out of supplies.
• Six coolers full of beer and ale. They've even got a wine rack. Classy!

You never know what you'll find at Mun's. Explore for a few minutes and you'll come up with a haul like this:

Mun's Gourmet, Inc.
170 Court Street
(Between Dean St. & Bergen St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11201-6445
(718) 923-1662

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