Comics: What could be better than Scott Pilgrim? All of the Scott Pilgrim characters re-imagined as The Simpsons (which makes a comic adaptation of a movie adaptation of a comic for those scoring at home). [Total Film]

Movies: After a battle with studio execs, David Fincher is standing by Rooney Mara, his choice for leading lady in the film adaptations of Stieg Larsson's "Millenium" trilogy (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, etc.). [Variety]

TV: Jon Stewart disses President Obama and Glenn Beck. Yup, that's our dude (Stewart, that is). [The Daily Show]

Movies/Comics: Here's a trailer for Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, a comic-ternt-movie that's premiering in Italy in October (no set date for a domestic release yet). It's got a Body Shop (as in body parts)! [Dread Central]

Politics: One of the leaders of the Birther Movement is facing a $20,000 fine, and even Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas won't help her. If we can't count on Alito and Thomas, we may have to rethink our whole "We Won't Stop at Red Lights Since Obama Wasn't Born in the U.S." stance. [Huffington Post]

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