lebron_jamOkay, so the much-anticipated NBA Jam revamp will be available for the 360 and PS3 as well as the Wii...except you have to get it as a downloadable inside EA's not-that-anticipated NBA Elite 11...and you still won't be able to battle old-school players. Nintendo...won? [Game Informer]

You know what would make The Sims even less compelling? If you said "buboes," you're right! [IGN]

StarCraft II sold 1.5 milli in its first two days, which makes it the best-selling PC game of the year. In related news, South Korea is closed until November. [Gamasutra]

6,000 former NFL players have sued EA for using their likenesses in Madden NFL '09's historic teams. Brett Favre is not among them...yes he is...no he's not...yes he is...no he's not... [EDGE Online]

A new online magazine is going in on the state of the gaming industry. Shots fired! [Game Theory]