bioshockleadOriginal Bioshock masterminds Ken Levine and Irrational Games are back on the case, taking you out of the sea and up to the clouds for another mindfuck of an odyssey. Release is sometime in 2012—let's just hope the whole Mayapocalpyse can wait until we've played. [Joystiq]

If you were looking to perv it up with little kids like you used to in Club Penguin, the online Disney World of Cars game is not the place to do it. Just go to public parks like the rest of the pedos. [Kotaku]

The new F.E.A.R. 3 trailer brings us back to everything we love about the series and more. Who wants to play as a guy who shoots his brother out of the body that he just possessed? WE DO! [YouTube]

Who hasn't had a parent sell their games after they sit there and collect dust? Okay, trickier question: who hasn't had a visit from their absentee father just to steal all your games and consoles to support his drug habit? [Destructoid]

So Star Wars: The Forced Unleashed II for the PSP has been cancelled. What about your Force Ability to be Creepy PSP Guy On The Subway? [Gamasutra]

Nolan Bushnell talks about how selling Atari may not have been the best move back in the day. #noshitsherlock [Game Politics]

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