Go Forth

Hoping to rapidly expand its Android App Marketplace to catch up with Apple, Google is set to launch App Inventor, a powerful developing tool that makes creating apps easier than Miley Cyrus after a couple Smirnoff Ices. Early estimates report that as many as half a million new apps could be created every year—so be prepared to clog your phone with more useless crap than ever before. [Fortune]

Getting an extension on your term paper will be a lot tougher when your teacher's a robot. [NY Times]

Peace at last? Google and the Chinese government appear to be burying the hatchet. [BBC]

Here's a tip your girl may be crazy: She gets arrested for e-thugging...herself. [CNET]

Better load up on walkie-talkies while you still can: Radio Shack is projected to go bankrupt in 2011. [Gizmodo]

RIM takes a page from Apple and lets BlackBerry users rack, wipe, and restore lost phones with its new "Protect" service. [PC Mag]