TV: Eva Longoria will be heating things up this Sunday as a food critic on The Next Food Network Star. Finally, we have a replacement for Julia Child in our Padma Lakshmi/fondue ménage fantasies! [Pop Eater]

Movies: Actor Laurence Fishburne's daughter Montana is set to break into Hollywood with a starring role in a Vivid Entertainment film. Daddy's little girl is all grown up and we won't mind lending helping eyes to ensure that she's making the correct career choices! (Just don't tell Morpheus.) [TMZ]

Politics: Sarah Palin blasts President Obama on Twitter for speaking on The View. For reals, if Obama found a cure for AIDS, cancer, and mad cow disease Palin would Tweet: "Obama hates small business. Cheats funeral home owners out of their just due!" [Huffington Post]

Comic Books: Here's a sneak preview of the highly anticipated X-Force: Sex & Violence. This is nothing like the BDP version, trust. [Comic Book Resources]

TV: And in case you missed it, all the best quotes from last night's Jersey Shore season two premiere. [Buzz Feed]