It's all but confirmed that Steve Jobs will unveil the iPhone 4G in two weeks at the the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. If the lost phones found in bathrooms and leaked tech specs and photos weren't enough, head over to Apple's online store. They've stopped selling the $99 iPhone 3G, which can only mean one thing: a new top-of-the-line iPhone! If you want to cop one, wait. If you've just copped one, you're dumb. Return it. [Mobile Crunch]

A new study shows 30% of potential netbook buyers would rather drop dough on an iPad. [Boy Genius Report]

Someone created a fake BP Twitter account and made light of the Gulf oil spill. Too far? Nah, too funny. [Switched]

Amazon's MP3 store nabbed 12% of the digital download market. Steve ain't worried. [All Things D]

Warner Bros. is getting sued for stealing an anti-piracy code from a Swedish company. Ha. Ha. [Techland]

Peep the future: flexible OLED displays developed by Sony. [Engadget]