The basketball rom-com Just Wright opens today and we've gotta give props to Common on landing his first leading man role. He plays a member of the New Jersey Nets who ends up falling for his physical therapist, played by Queen Latifah. And while we're gonna be watching just for the lovely Paula Patton, but we are curious about at least one aspect of Common's acting: how well can dude portray a professional basketball player?

The typical roundball movie is chock-full of handle-less, jumper-less freaks who look like they couldn't run down a set of stairs, much less play basketball, but by all accounts Common manages to pull it off. We'll have to wait for the weekend to find out, but in the meantime we've dissected the games of basketball playing actors in a grip of hoop movies, complete with our somewhat counterintuitive brick rating system (the fewer bricks the better). And on that note, let us be the first to swish you a great weekend!