Welcome to Mobile Check-In, where every week we bring you the latest and greatest in mobile gaming. We've already showed you the hottest games out this month for the iPhone and Android powered phones. Now we're on to the next: Palm's webOS platform.

At the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, Palm announced that they were going to let developers tap into the powerful hardware lying inside the their Pre handset. Since then we've seen a deluge of dope, highly graphical games hit the scene. Whether it's racing, sports or action/adventure, the Palm Pre is shaping up to be the second most robust mobile gaming platform behind the iPhone. It may even be on par with it in a couple months. Seriously, it's that good. The games don't lie. If you're a Palm Pre owner (these games won't work on the Pixie) and need some new distractions, check below to see our favorite new games for webOS...


TITLE: Earthworm Jim
GENRE: Action/Adventure
COMPLEX SAYS: How can we break down the awesomeness of this title? For the uninitiated, it's a side scrolling shooter—and a space racer—that originated on the Sega Genesis back in '94 and makes for an ideal port to webOS. You play as a title character Earthworm Jim and use a light arsenal of weapons to get through each level. The controls are simple, the graphics are great. It's pure entertainment for everyone. If you're not a fanboy, think of it this way: finally a way to ask a girl to play with your worm—and not get maced.
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GENRE: Sports
COMPLEX SAYS: For the most part, when it comes to football games, if you're not Madden, you can piss off. Which is why we're co-signing NFL 2010. Much like Complex, NFL 2010 is on another level when compared to the comp. It's got everything you want. Decent graphics? Check. Smooth gameplay? Check. Sensible controls? Check. Shower with Tom Brady?! We don't even know what to say to you after that. Just play the game.
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TITLE: Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes
GENRE: Strategy
COMPLEX SAYS: If it weren't for games like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty, we probably wouldn't know shit about combat. Brothers in Arms continues that tradition for the mobile set. Brothers In Arms: Hour of Heroes, a sprawling third-person shooter set during World War II, has you traveling from North Africa to Berlin, equipped with everything you'd expect from a modern war game: guns, blood and drivable tanks. The controls will take a little (OK, a lot of) time to get acquainted with, but the breadth of the game and the graphics more than make up for it.
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TITLE: Asphalt 5
GENRE: Racing
COMPLEX SAYS: It would appear that if there is any successful genre in mobile phone gaming, it's racing. Good graphics + high speeds + nice cars = Win! When it comes to racing on your Palm Pre, Asphalt 5 is where it's at. Reminiscent of older arcade games, it features 12 race tracks, eight racing events, and more cars then an old Cash Money episode of Cribs, it's just pure fun. Oh, and at $6.99 it's cheaper than Need for Speed. On your marks...get set...accelerometer!
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TITLE: X-Plane: Extreme
GENRE: Flight Simulation
COMPLEX SAYS:When Palm announced at this year's Consumer Electronic Show that the Pre was finally going to get 3D gaming, the Pre community went nuts. To show off the new 3D capability, Palm demoed a number of games, including a flight simulator title called X-Plane. One of the newest titles under the X-Plane franchise is X-Plane Extreme. Extreme lets you control some of the fastest and most maneuverable planes in the world, including everyone's favorite, the F22 Raptor, and the current fastest plane in the world, the SR-71 Blackbird. Sounds fun, right? Yeah, that's until you realize that this is a true simulator and you know nothing about flying. Get your Chesley Sullenberger on and try to land these beasts without crashing.
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