Jimmy Fallon stays up late at night thinking about putting his hands on Apple's iPad.

One of the reasons that late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon has connected with his young viewing audience is that he gets new technology. Of course, he gets new technology because companies send free shit to famous people, but we mean that he actually understands gadgets, gets excited by them, and incorporates them into Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC, weeknights 12:30 a.m.). When we interviewed Jimmy for the "Shotcaller" feature in the April/May 2010 issue of Complex (it's on stands now with Olivia Munn and The Gorillaz on the covers), we had to get his thoughts on Apple's iPad, which already has crazies lined up around the block for its release this Saturday, April 3rd. Here's what the late-night host had to say about it:

"The iPad, I'm kind of not sure yet. Of course I'll get it, but I don't know why I'm getting it. [Laughs.] It kind of makes me mad that Apple's holding back. I mean, why not put a camera in there? And why not put an anti-glare screen? It's like, you know they're going to come out with it. Just do it now! I mean, what are they waiting for? I mean, why they gotta be like that, iPad?"

Not a ringing endorsement, but maybe Jimmy's celebrity can help sway Apple to step up the features so he can get behind the iPad fully. Keep reading to see some of the host's all-time favorite gadgets...


Release date: 3/31/1999
Jimmy says: TiVo is amazing. I think TiVo and DVR's will eventually be on all computers and that people will watch TV on demand all of the time. I don't even know what "night of the week" certain shows are on anymore—I just know that I have Jersey Shore on my TiVo ready to play when I'm ready.


Release date: 10/21/2001
Jimmy says: When I was a kid, I used to go to the VFW [Veterans of Foreign Wars] with my grandfather and he'd give me money to play the jukebox. I always wanted to have my own jukebox; I thought it was soooo cool. Then I hosted the MTV VMA's in 2002 and they gave me a beautiful Wurlitzer jukebox that held like 100 CDs. It was insane. Then the iPod came out. That can hold thousands of CDs AND it can fit in your pocket. The iPod is a jukebox that fits in your pocket! And now, with Apple TV or some other interface, you can access the songs from your TV just like a jukebox. IPods with downloadable content will probably be the next gen—either that or some music service where you can play any song for a certain amount of money per month. Rent-a-jukebox.


Release date: 6/29/2007
Jimmy says: I used to have the first Motorola two-way. It was like a clam shell. I loved it. I was like, Oh my God! This is the future! This is so cool! It was like a tiny little computer. Now I'm just playing with my iPhone like it's nothing, and you just step back and go, Whoa! It's like a little computer, man! Like, it just doesn't make sense.