A little nostalgia with Charlie Brown, a lot of weirdness with the Coens, plus our Wednesday faves both animated (South Park) and voluptuous (Sofia Vergara).

COMEDY: IT'S THE EASTER BEAGLE, CHARLIE BROWN, 8 PM, ABC. It ain't the Great Pumpkin, but it'll do. Snoopy and Woodstock FTW.

MOVIES: COEN BROTHERS MARATHON, 6 PM, ENCORE. DVR Alert: Encore plays four Coen classics, starting with Barton Fink (1991) at 6, Fargo (1996) at 8, Raising Arizona (1987) at 9:40, and Miller's Crossing (1990) at 11:20.

DOCUMENTARY: THE STREET STOPS HERE, 10 PM, PBS. A profile of the basketball program at St. Anthony High School in Jersey City, NJ, where coach Bob Hurley (father of legendary '90s Duke point guard Bobby Hurley) has led the team to 23 state championships.

COMEDY: SOUTH PARK, 10 PM, COMEDY CENTRAL. A medicinal marijuana dispensary opens up in place of Cartman's favorite fried chicken spot. Plus, the jury's still out on Ugly Americans (10:30, Comedy Central).

COMEDY: MODERN FAMILY, 9, ABC. Until they take Sofia Vergara off, we're watching/DVRing/TiVoing this every Wednesday, repeat or not. And this one's new so book it.