The man with the coolest band in talk show history is gunning for that No.1 spot (No Leno!).

By Justin Monroe; (PHOTO) Rennio Malfredi/
Conan O'Brien lost his dream job and Jay Leno is returning to The Tonight Show a primetime failure, but Jimmy Fallon soldiers on. A year ago, when he was just starting Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, few would have predicted that the goofy 35-year-old who seemingly couldn't keep a straight face during a six-year stint on Saturday Night Live would be NBC's most entrenched late-night host today. But, thanks to smart writing, an understanding of youth culture and technology, and an easygoing willingness to try anything, no matter how ridiculous—well, heeeere's Jimmy! We caught up with Fallon to discuss sex scandals, beef between hosts, and his bedtime.
Which is the bigger raw deal: NBC giving Conan only seven months to host The Tonight Show or Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1986 action classic Raw Deal?
Jimmy Fallon:Raw Deal
Because he managed to infiltrate the mob with an Austrian accent?
Jimmy Fallon:Laughs
If NBC had similarly ousted you, what do you think your legacy would be?
Jimmy Fallon:
Letterman's sex scandal boosted his ratings. Why didn't NBC force you, Conan, and Leno to dip your pens in company pink?
Jimmy Fallon:
Why didn't Conan?
Jimmy Fallon:
When Conan and Leno were going at each other, did it feel like your parents were getting divorced?
Jimmy Fallon:

Jimmy Fallon
Will we ever get to see you beef with another late-night host?
Jimmy Fallon:
That's tremendously disappointing. We were hoping you'd body Craig Ferguson.
Jimmy Fallon:
You host Late Night, but with that gig and a wife at home, are you really a night owl anymore?
Jimmy Fallon:
The smoke and mirrors of showbiz exposed!
Jimmy Fallon:
Wait 'til the web hears about that!
Jimmy Fallon:LaughsUncharted 2
Are you a fan of reality TV?
Jimmy Fallon:Jersey ShoreNational Geographic
[Laughs.] It would be amazing if they tracked Snooki and the Situation on Nat Geo during mating season.
Jimmy Fallon:JSJersey Shore Goes to Paris
Would France hate us or love us for that?
Jimmy Fallon:Jersey Shore