As asexual as people perceived him to be, Michael Jackson sure was a Casanova when it came to his music videos. Truthfully, everyone forgets how hot MJ's female leads were. Everyone, that is, except for us.

The King of Pop kept a roster of sexy ladies on deck that rival those in any of today's rap videos, so we couldn't help but dig into the archives in his honor. Join us as we take a look back at MJ's 8 Hottest Female Leads...

VIDEO: "Thriller" (1983) [Watch It]
FUN FACT: Ola was Playboy's Playmate of the Month in June 1980. To which we say, "Ola, ola, AY!"

VIDEO: "In the Closet" (1992) [Watch That]
FEMALE LEAD: Naomi Campbell
FUN FACT: Originally a duet with Madonna, the planned collabo was deaded when MJ deemed her lyrics too provocative. Now that's a video we'd love to see...

VIDEO: "Dirty Diana" (1988) [Watch It]
FUN FACT: One-hundred girls auditioned on film for the lead "legs" role, but MJ instantly chose Lisa, the first girl he reviewed. Forgive him, bookshelf-ass wasn't as big a trend in the '80s.

VIDEO: "The Way You Make Me Feel" (1987) [Watch It]
FEMALE LEAD: Tatiana Thumbtzen
FUN FACT: Tatiana was rumored to have been fired from the Bad Tour for kissing MJ on stage. Wonder what their babies might have looked like...

VIDEO: "Remember the Time" (1992) [Watch It]
FUN FACT: The model married British rocker, David Bowie, the same year the single was released.

VIDEO: "You Are Not Alone" (1995) [Watch It]
FEMALE LEAD: Lisa Marie Presley
FUN FACT: Calling it "being sucked up in the moment," Presley later said she regretted the video. Lisa Marie: You are not alone.

VIDEO: "You Rock My World" (2001) [Watch It]
FEMALE LEAD: Kishaya Dudley
FUN FACT: The half-Japanese/half-Black beauty reps BX and has choreographed for several popular musicians. John Blasian!

VIDEO: "Say, Say, Say" (1983) [Watch It]
FEMALE LEAD: LaToya Jackson
FUN FACT: We're not sure why Michael hired his older sister to play his love interest in this outrageously corny Paul McCartney duet... that Mac & Jack Wonder Potion will make you do some crazy things.