What's your wildest hotel experience?

In 1993, I went to a party that DJ Magic Mike had in his hotel room in Atlanta for Jack the Rapper. Let's just say that I discovered why it's called "booty music."

I saw an ex-boyfriend—one of a number of musicians I've dated—trash a hotel room from ceiling to floor, ripping pillows, smashing bottles, flipping shit over. He was really angry, so I just sort of stood back...until he was about to trash the mirror. I was like, "NO MIRRORS!"

What is the most sexually out of control situation that you've ever seen?

What happens at a DJ Magic Mike party stays at a DJ Magic Mike party. Unless you get herpes—that's with you for life.

I've seen people having sex on a table in the middle of a party. She was a very famous person who was dating a very famous person—who was not the person she was having sex with on a table in the middle of a party.

What is the upside of dating a divorcee?

Normally you have to dig to find out what a woman's issues are, but a divorcee is gonna tell you all about her failed marriage, so you know exactly how crazy she is. Plus, whenever you feel like ditching her, you can say that she's not emotionally ready for a serious relationship—and her ex is still gonna be the guy she thinks is an asshole.

If he's got kids, he's not looking for you to pop some out anytime soon!

What tech gear do you own that you don't really need?

Half my closet; I've got an amazing archive of old Arc'teryx, Marmot, and Kjus jackets. Even in the most extreme conditions that I've been in—way up high in the mountains of the Poconos!—I've never needed anything that advanced. I'm good with four layers of old-school thermals. And pantyhose.

Snow boots. I don't need those. I'm not gonna wear some moon boots. I'm gonna wear some sneakers and get them wet.

What is the unsolved mystery that most haunts you?

Who the hell Michelle saw having sex on a table at that party!

I've had a psychic tell me things—different points in my career and people who would come into my life—and many, many years later they've come true. Duuude.

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